Keeping Your DSLR Safe From Thieves 

DSLRs are expensive pieces of equipment and there is no escaping the fact that they will always be an attractive target for theft, but there are a few ways that you can help to protect yourself and minimise your losses.  

Insure it! 

The first thing that you should do before you look at anything else is to insure your DSLR against theft. No matter what lengths you go to, there is no way for you to completely eliminate the risk of your camera being stolen, short of locking it up in a safe and never using it again. Insuring your DSLR means that if your camera is stolen even after you have taken steps to keep it safe, you’re not left without anything. 

Keep Track of Your Serial Number & Model 

Your DSLR will have a unique serial number on it somewhere that identifies your specific camera. You should make sure that you keep a record of this serial number somewhere (as well as the exact model and make), this means that if your camera is stolen it can be properly identified and returned to you if recovered. This can save you from a whole lot of hassle trying to prove that a recovered camera belongs to you.  

Just make sure not to keep this record of the serial number in your camera bag or anywhere else that is likely to be lost along with your camera when it is stolen. 

Use a Discrete Bag 

It’s likely that you already have a designated camera bag for your DSLR, you might even have got one with your camera when you bought it, but it might be worth reconsidering if this is the one that you want to use. A branded or flashy camera bag is essentially an advertisement that the bag contains an expensive camera, making it even more of a target for theft.  

Try and find a bag that is a bit lower key, or even use a backpack/camera bag combo that is not outwardly obvious to contain a camera. If you use a backpack just make sure that you’re able to tell if someone is going through it without your knowledge when walking through a crowded area. 

Keep it With You 

Setting your camera bag for a moment might seem fairly harmless, but it is at these exact moments that it is most likely to be stolen. It is unlikely that a thief will pull the camera from you when you’re carrying it, but if its sitting on the floor then there is nothing stopping them from grabbing it and running away. Your camera will always be at its safest when you have it with you. 

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