How to Start a Photography Blog


If you are a photographer then one thing you should start right away is a Photo Blog. It is a really good thing to have. In case you don’t know what a phot blog is note that a photo blog is actually quite similar to a regular blog except for in this case the blog is dedicated just to just photos rather than any kind of written words.

Of course you can write in detail about your photographs, which is an excellent habit. The main aim of having a phot blog is to help you become a better artist and photographer. So in case you can’t figure out to go about starting a phot blog, below in this article I have covered a few tips to help you do so.

How to Get Started

In the earlier times starting a blog was quite a difficult task since you needed to know coding and all but now days starting a blog is quite easy and you don’t even need to know coding to do that. You can create a blog of your own using an excellent app known as WordPress.

It is quite a well-known blogging platform around the world and millions of people around the world now use wordpress to reach out the world and share ideas etc.

You can either use wordpress through the online site or you can download and a version of the app onto your pc. I personally prefer downloading and installing the app to my pc since it offers much more power.


More power means that you can try a few things here and there to get the desired result. Setting up a blog is quite easy so make sure you do not end up wasting a lot of time doing so. Your aim here is to get your photographs out there not to build the best looking website so keep that in mind.

Apart from WordPress, 2 excellent services that have come up in the last couple of years are Posterous and Tumblr. These 2 sites are also quite good like wordpress and allow you to get started with your blog for no cost at all. In my opinion Posterous is better because of the email capabilities it offers to you.

You can simple take a snap through your phone and post it on your Posterous account and it will automatically create a blog post. Both these platforms offer excellent social media tools too. Once you are done setting up a blog it is time for you to get a domain from sites like Hover or GoDaddy. If you are planning to host the blog on your own hosting account, then you can save some money with hosting deals and discount coupons.


Next thing you need to do is promote your blog. The first and foremost thing you can do is look for other photo blogs and then leave comments.

This will help you begin a conversation and people will also notice your work. Make sure you use social media sites like twitter and facebook to reach out to people. You can even post your work places like Flickr or get listed in directories like etc. which is also quite helpful.

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Best Wedding photographers in Delhi with Pricing

In case you live in Delhi and plan to get married soon then make sure you keep out a good chunk of your budget to hire a wedding photographer.

Most people usually do not consider hiring a wedding photographer and prefer spending a large amount of money on décor and other things which in my opinion is not the right thing to do.

tansihq-wedding-photography-india-brid-groom (6)

So makes sure you hire a wedding photographer and to help you do so below I have given a list of some of the best photographers that you can find in Delhi along with their price range.

#1 WeddingTraditions

Wedding Traditions is a contemporary wedding photography studio in delhi and has been recently popularised as one of the few photography studios that actually deliver the candid and contemporary style when it comes to wedding photography.

#2 Rishabh Sood

When it comes to wedding photography another really awesome photographer you can hire is Rishabh Sood. The best thing about his photos is that they are quite soft which I am sure you will love. See his art at

Apart from that even the colours in the photographs is excellent. The colours are saturated, beautiful and vibrant which enhances the look of the photos. Though hiring him is also quite expensive I can guarantee you that by the end of it you won’t be disappointed.

#3 Photo Tantra

In case you didn’t know, Photo Tantra has is one of the oldest companies in wedding photography. In fact they were the one of the first ones to actually begin this trend in India. So the first and foremost studio you should consider for hiring for your wedding photography should be Photo Tantra.

Its photographers are not only good at their work but are also excellent people and will leave you with some really awesome memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Consider hiring Photo Tantra if budget is not an issue since they will cost you around a lakh for each day.

#4 Rish Photography

Another excellent photographer for you to consider for your big day is Rishabh Agarwal. He believes he can get you to capture not only what you like about your big day but also what you feel on the day of your marriage which in my opinion wedding photography should be about.

He has an excellent portfolio and another good thing is that his is relatively cheaper and would cost you around 50k to a lakh each day.

#5 Sahil Vohra

Sahil Vohra is not just a photographer but also a lawyer so you know he is quite smart. He is quite a nice person and you will feel comfortable working with him.

An excellent thing about him is his ability to capture some really awesome images behind the scenes. Hiring him would cost you not more than 50k each day.

#6 Nikhil Kumar

If you are looking for a photographer at a really affordable cost then you should consider hiring Nikhil Kumar. His portfolio is filled with fun and creative and crazy images and he is also quite a nice person to work with.

An excellent thing about all these photographers is that they not only work for weddings in Delhi but also don’t mind travelling to any place as long you are willing to pay for the travel and make arrangements for their stay.